What does each PrenaBelt® accessory do?

Can't wait to use your new PrenaBelt and find out how it works with all the accessories and attachments? Scan the "Get started" QR on the welcome letter that comes with your PrenaBelt. Scroll down and learn more about all the PrenaBelt accessories and attachments. 

Luna Attachment

Safely and significantly reduces the time spent sleeping flat on the back throughout the third trimester of pregnancy. This attachment does not restrict sleeping positions and allows the user to sleep on both sides and, for a short time, on the back.

Norma Attachment


Prevents the user from sleeping flat on their back and keeps the pelvis tilted towards the left or right side. The user can choose the configuration based on their preferred sleeping position.

Aurora Attachment


The Aurora attachment is moderately restrictive. It prevents the user from sleeping flat on their back. The Aurora attachment has three configurations on the PrenaBelt® - one configuration promoting left side and left-pelvic-tilt sleep, one configuration promoting right side and right-pelvic-tilt sleep, and one configuration promoting all four of these positions (left side, right side, left-pelvic-tilt, and right-pelvic-tilt sleep).

Ursa Attachment

The Ursa attachment is minimally restrictive. It provides a functional obstruction to the pelvis, which prevents the user from sleeping flat on their back and keeps the pelvis tilted towards the left or right side. The Ursa attachment promotes left side, left-pelvic-tilt, right side, and right-pelvic-tilt sleep.

Carina Side Pillow

The Carina side pillow provides additional comfort when sleeping. The Carina side pillow is placed under the abdomen when sleeping on the side to support the abdomen and relieve stress from the lower back. The Carina side pillow is most comfortable when the user is early in the third trimester (28-34 weeks’ gestation) as their abdomen has not yet reached its maximum size.

Nebula Thigh Pillow

The Nebula pillow reduces the risk of lower back pain and hip pain during sleep. It is a knee pillow placed between the knees to reduce the arch in the lower back, which helps to alleviate lower back pain. Additionally, the Nebula pillow can reduce the stress placed on the hip joints by maintaining leg separation. This is especially effective in reducing leg cramps and hip pain during pregnancy.

Vela Thermal Pack

The Vela thermal pack provides thermal therapy for musculoskeletal aches and pains related to pregnancy. The Vela attachment can be used as a warm pack or a cool pack based on the user’s preference.

Disclaimer: The information provided on this page is for informational purposes only and is not professional medical advice, diagnosis, treatment, or care, nor is it intended to be a substitute therefore.