"The PrenaBelt made it much more comfortable to sleep during the third trimester. I enjoyed being able to customize it as my needs changed."

Rebecca, MD, ObGyn, Toronto

"I'm 38 weeks now! I love the PrenaBelt - especially when I'm on call at the hospital and when I'm operating and standing for long periods of time."

Elise, MD, ObGyn, Ottawa

"The PrenaBelt was really great, thank you! I only have positive things to say and was able to operate all day until 37 weeks as planned. Baby came at 39 weeks."

Brenna, MD, ObGyn, Toronto


The PrenaBelt™ is a 3-in-1 pregnancy pillow, maternity belt, and thermal pad.

The PrenaBelt™ includes 1 maternity support belt and 7 accessories, which accomplishes 3 functions:

Sleep safe and sound | Support your body | Soothe aches and pains

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